Tuesday, April 29, 2014

System Re-imagining resources and info

Draft 5-Year Reimagined Service Plan Detailed Report from www.transitsystemreimagining.com as reported on in Episode 30 of the HoustonOnTheGo podcast

Draft Reimagined System Map from www.transitsystemreimagining.com
Existing System Map (what we have currently) from www.transitsystemreimagining.com

METRO's System Re-imagining webpage.  Includes links to 'Documents' and 'Stakeholder Task Force', which give you links to Stakeholder presentations and everything else you could ever want to see re this project. UPDATE: 'Documents' link working properly now.

My rendition of both our old bus network and the re-imagined bus network on Google Maps Engine Pro.  You can flip on and off various aspects of our network at a time, seeing how the new network stacks up with our tired old current bus network.

Interview with Board Member Christof Spieler on the 'METRO' Matters television show from last summer.  This lays down what the project is and what it hopes to accomplish from the guy spearheading the whole thing.

An in-depth discussion and Q&A with Board Member Christof Spieler at the 'Houston Tomorrow' monthly presentation to various business leaders around town - This is from December 2012.

A discussion on Houston's coming traffic and transit crisis from the 'Houston Tomorrow' monthly presentation in February 2014

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A presentation on METRO's long-range vision by then-METRO CEO & President George Greanias.  OUTDATED - METRO has put this particular vision on-hold pending System Re-imagining, and I doubt the agency will visit this particular look and view of things ever again.  The spirit of this presentation and discussion live on in today's METRO, however, and this video is still worth a look.

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