Wednesday, April 9, 2014

System Re-imagining roll-out rescheduled to Thursday 8 May

Hello, all!

Originally scheduled for this Friday 11 April, the big, huge roll-out to the public of METRO's Draft Proposed Re-imagined system map for the next five years has been rescheduled to Thursday 8 May at 8:30am for the Stakeholder Task Force and at 11:30am for the presentation to the full Board of Directors.

Given my limited understanding of the immensity of this project as well as the coming Easter holiday and religious days preceding that Sunday, I am not surprised at all to see this.  In the email to us on the task force, METRO's Kurt Lurhsen said, "METRO is making some tweaks  to the draft 5-Year Transit Service Plan to include updated information, and staff will be prepared to release the draft plan and answer your questions on May 8th.  Just as we had previously planned, the draft plan will be presented to the METRO Board later that same morning at 11:30 AM. "

Well, that give us a month to twiddle our thumbs, but also gives me some time to work more on the METRO history podcast episodes of HoustonOnTheGo!

More to come!  - J

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